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We Will Miss You Mac's Bar 

Mac's Bar Was a Legendary Venue

A day came that we thought we'd never have to see, our beloved home Mac's Bar has announced it will no longer be hosting live music. The announcement came on April 26th in the Lansing City Pulse, stating owner Chuck Mannino plans to turn the music venue into a sports bar. Since the onset of the Coronavirus Pandemic, the inside of the bar has been gutted and stripped out. Live music has not been hosted at the legendary venue since early 2020.


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Will Live Music Return in 2021? 

Months Without Live Music Jenn's Apartment has Gone Almost an Entire Year Without Playing Live Shows

The last show Jenn's Apartment played was almost a year ago now. While we've managed to keep busy, writing new music, and releasing whatever content we possibly can, we still miss playing live and traveling around the state of Michigan.

Jenn's Apartment at The Loft in Downtown Lansing, Michigan                                          Photo credit: Donte Smith

Our last album, The Bird The Bridge The Wire

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Missing the Lansing Music Scene 

Plotting Our Return to the Stage 

As the new year is upon us, we reflect on arguably, one of the worst years in human existence. For other shitty years in human history, Entrepreneur published an article we found to be very insightful.

We only got to play a total of three shows. We had numerous shows planned for this year, just like thousands of other artists, but now we currently wait for a new normal where we can rock out live again. The three shows we did play, however, totally rocked.

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Fatboy Forever 

Rest in Power A Beloved Member of the Jenn's Apartment Family


We haven't posted an update on our website for some time. Sorry about that, we thought it wasn't as important but that's not true. It's important AF.

We wish our first blog back would be a positive one, but unfortunately, that's not the case. A beloved member of the Jenn's Apartment family passed away last weekend. Fatboy was present during the recording of our last nine studio releases when Chris Davis built a studio in his house. No matter…

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