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Fatboy Forever

Jenn's Apartment

Following their full-length release The Bird The Bridge The Wire in April of 2020, Jenn's Apartment returns from the post quarantine shutdown with three new songs. Acid Connection is a tight example of Jenn's Apartment sound. Upfront pop-punk chords with ringing leads and tight energetic drumming provide an upbeat background for explicit drug references. You Suck is a unique and fun diss track aimed at online racists that one could see translating into a high-energy live shout along. Closing track Nose Ring Part Two is a beefed-up production update to a previously released compilation track. Taking the tempo, energy, and guitar volume to an elevated level and giving the song a new life and worth a second listen. Fatboy Forever is dedicated to bassist and recording engineer Chris Davis' cat, Fatboy, who passed away during the recording of the new EP. He had been a staple of recording sessions since the band's inception.

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