Jenn's Apartment Strikes The Avenue Cafe in Lansing

Rocking September's Core! Jenn's Apartment Strikes The Avenue Cafe

Gear up, Lansing! The Avenue Cafe is about to get hit by a rock n' roll tornado! The city's electric, and not just from the amps. Come September 23rd, expect some…

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Historic Lansing, Michigan Rock Bands

Lansing Rock Bands Through the Decades

Lansing, Michigan has a rich history of rock and roll, with a number of influential musicians and bands originating from the area. Here are some of the key moments and figures in Lansing's rock…

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The Lansing Music Scene Without The Loft

A Vibrant Music Scene

Lansing, Michigan has a vibrant music scene that had been greatly enriched by the presence of The Loft, a popular music venue and nightclub that had been showcasing local and national talent for many years…

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Will Live Music Return in 2021?

Months Without Live Music

Jenn's Apartment has Gone Almost an Entire Year Without Playing Live Shows

The last show Jenn's Apartment played was almost a year ago now. While we've managed to keep busy, writing new music, and releasing whatever…

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Missing the Lansing Music Scene

Plotting Our Return to the Stage 

As the new year is upon us, we reflect on arguably, one of the worst years in human existence. For other shitty years in human history, Entrepreneur published an article we found to be…

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Fatboy Forever

Rest in Power

A Beloved Member of the Jenn's Apartment Family


We haven't posted an update on our website for some time. Sorry about that, we thought it wasn't as important but that's not true. It's important AF.

We wish…

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