Jenn's Apartment Strikes The Avenue Cafe in Lansing

Rocking September's Core! Jenn's Apartment Strikes The Avenue Cafe

Gear up, Lansing! The Avenue Cafe is about to get hit by a rock n' roll tornado! The city's electric, and not just from the amps. Come September 23rd, expect some seismic activity as the ground shakes and the air crackles with pure rock energy.

The Line-up


Jenn's Apartment

Rock’s Best Kept Secret This power trio is the stuff of legends. With riffs that can shatter glass and a stage presence that’s downright volcanic, Jenn's Apartment is the cataclysmic collision between punk energy and rock soul.

No Fun Club 

Slacker-rock for workaholics

The Fabulous Vans 

The Fabulous Vans started in the West Michigan music scene, where they have played mainly in the Greater Grand Rapids area for the last several years. Over the years, they have evolved into a four-piece high-energy eclectic rock band. They incorporate elements of blues, punk, funk, and soul; all wrapped up in a rock-styled bow.

Pet Me

Pet Me is a four-piece, all-trans queercore/pop punk/riotgrrl band based in Lansing, MI. Their songs feature infectious hooks, melodic vocals, and mordant, emotionally charged lyrics. Their wide-ranging influences include The Wonder Years, Paramore, Tiny Moving Parts, and Ted Leo, Britpop bands like Elastica and Suede or punk icons like X-Ray Spex and Siouxsie & the Banshees.

A Night at The Avenue Cafe: Where Legends Are Made

The Avenue Cafe is where rock history gets written in sweat, blood, and beer stains. It's not just a venue; it's an altar for rock worshippers. This gritty cafe has been the backdrop for countless legends, solos, and scream-alongs.

Lansing and Beyond: Michigan's Rock DNA

Rock runs in Lansing's veins, pumping out a rhythm that reverberates across Michigan. From Detroit's grunge garages to Grand Rapids' roaring arenas, Michigan’s the land of the free, the brave, and the loud. It's where rock anthems are born and legends carved.

Blasting Off with "Astronaut"

Brace yourselves! A day before they set the stage on fire, Jenn's Apartment is dropping "Astronaut", a track that promises to be the rock anthem of the year. Think powerful guitar solos, pulsating drums, and vocals that are out of this world. It's not just a song; it's a battle cry.

Lansing, grab your jackets and worn-out boots. The Avenue Cafe is calling. Expect riffs that resonate, solos that scream, and a night that’s etched in rock history. Be there or be square!

Jenn's Apartment Live at The Avenue Cafe in Lansing

Facebook Event

Saturday, September 23rd

Show starts at 9:30 pm

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