Jenn's Apartment was initially formed in 2004 by songwriter/guitarist Roy Kirby. From 2004 to 2007 the band released two EP's, opened for various major indie label bands, and recorded a third unreleased EP before splitting up in 2007.

In 2015 Kirby reformed the band with new members Chris Davis on bass and Justin Pine on drums. The trio reintroduced themselves to the world with the critically well received Forever for the End EP in 2016. said:  

"The lyrics are excellent, easy to follow and paint a vivid picture that we can follow; it makes the album engaging and relatable."  

Side Stage Magazine said "This is a talented band with a fresh sound for this day and age. This is a five-star album." 

2018 saw the band release the full length album We're a Small Band and earning the moniker "The hardest working band in Lansing". They built their own studio in 2019 so they could put out records more frequently, releasing two EP's, Jaren and The Band on the Throne along with a second full length album 90's School Bus in the spring.

The fall of 2019 welcomed a new three song EP Plastic Pickles November 8th, 2019 on all major streaming platforms. All three songs on the EP feature the band’s signature up-tempo drumming, jangly rhythm guitars, bluesy leads, mingling harmonies, and instantly memorable songs. Following the trend of their previous record 90’s School Bus, the band creates a catchy and upbeat sound to contrast lyrics about divorce and substance abuse in the EP’s first two tracks; All the Things, and Porchlight. The final song, Catch This Train closes the EP with an almost saccharine sweet love song that maintains its edge thanks to the band’s high energy drummer and is one of the band’s catchiest songs to date.

Following the release of Plastic Pickles, the band decided to join forces with Metro Detroit pop-punk band Almost Made the Mixtape and release a split EP entitled Oh! That's What You Call Music?! Volume 1. Jenn's Apartment open their half of the split with Positive Potion, a mid tempo rocker that features the band’s signature ringing guitar lines over crunchy rhythms and chords. They picks up the tempo and wear their pop punk roots proudly on Drunk All the Time before closing the album with their cover of Anyways from the Almost Made the Mixtape release Attaboy! Jenn’s Apartment takes the pop punk track and adds a jangly 90’s feel to it, making it sound like a jam session between Counting Crows and Green Day.

 In addition to their herculean song output the band began playing all over the state of Michigan with mid-west tours planned for 2020. The band also began producing it's own music videos and developing a scripted series for YouTube about life being in an independent band.

In 2020, Jenn's Apartment will be playing more shows across the United States, releasing more new music and band related content, along with opening their studio doors and producing other artists and talent.